General Information

Full Legal Name:
Choctawhatchee River Soil and Water Conservation District

Public Purpose:
This district was formed for the purpose of providing an organized procedure for assisting farmers and land users with problems related to soil and water conservation.

Walton County, FL

The District sells Walton County Plat Books and Topographical Maps of Walton County, FL.  The District also maintains and monitors 4 weather stations in Walton County, FL.


IN THE NAME OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME—GREETING:  WHEREAS, Curtis A. Straughan, D. F. Adams, J. S. Adams, A. F. Bullard and G. B. Campbell have filed    in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Florida on the twenty-first day of March, A. D., 1940 an application showing the creation of a Soil Conservation District styled – CHOCTAWHATCHEE RIVER SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT the boundaries of which are described as follows:

                               “That part of Holmes County, Florida, West of the Choctawhatchee River and all of Walton County,     Florida except the corporate limits of the City of Defuniak Springs, Florida.”  The location of the principal office of the said Choctawhatchee River Soil Conservation District shall be in   the City of DeFuniak Springs, in the County of Walton, State of Florida.The Secretary of State has examined the application submitted to this office for filing as provided under   Chapter 18144, Laws of Florida, Acts of 1937, as amended by chapter 19473, Laws of Florida, Acts of  1939, Sections 5, A, B, C, and D, and find that said Application is in proper form and that an election was held as required in said Act to determine whether or not such a district should be created and the result of said election shows that a substantial majority of votes cast were in favor of the creation of said  District. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN, That said CHOCTAWHATCHEE RIVER SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT  Is authorized and permitted to transact business as a corporate entity as provided in the Act aforesaid    and to exercise and enjoy all of the privileges necessary to carry out the purposes and objects for which   this District is created. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State of Florida, at Tallahassee, the Capital, this the twenty-first day of March, A. D., 1940. R. A. Gray  Secretary of State

In September of 1965 the District officially changed its name to Choctawhatchee River Soil & Water Conservation District.

In May of 1971 the Choctawhatchee River Soil & Water Conservation District separated that part of the District that included a portion of Holmes County, from the west bank of the Choctawhatchee River to the Walton County line, to become part of the Holmes Creek Soil and Water Conservation District.